We facilitate quality healthcare practice and enhanced patient outcomes

SafeTherapeutics enables high-performance diagnostic evaluations of patients’ conditions through early identification of potential adverse drug reactions. This elevated level of diagnostic performance leads to substantially improved health outcomes and increased patient safety, without increasing costs.

Who We Are

SafeTherapeutics is directed by a team with diverse expertise at the highest level of clinical care, drug development, finance, and cybersecurity technology. Our leadership includes physicians who have designed and directed, at the international level, NIH and industry sponsored controlled trials of novel therapies. Our leadership continues to guide the conduct and expert analyses of clinical trials for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. These experiences provide deep insight to the issues of adverse drug reactions. Team members have expertise in crypto and algorithms for satellite and data distribution security, and in advance technologies for network security. Members lead merger and acquisition projects for investment banking and high tech industry, directing programs to evaluate and reorganize companies within large conglomerates.

The SafeTherapeutics team brings all the expertise needed for, and conviction that, this intelligent platform will improve the quality of healthcare for individuals, while reducing cost.

Why SafeTherapeutics Now and Who Created It?

Given the impact of Adverse Drug Reactions or ADRs (even though most are probably not recognized) as described in numerous publications from governments that track medication use, the SafeTherapeutics multidisciplinary team saw there was an enormous unmet need to reduce the impact of ADRs on healthcare.

The relevant public information is vast, and the technology is now available to create easily used products for clinicians and the public. The Safe Therapeutics team is composed of individuals with highly relevant expertise, including: renowned physician scientists who manage patient care, render complex diagnostic and treatment plans, design and conduct clinical trials for the National Institute of Health and pharmaceutical companies; cybersecurity experts, and business expertise from established software companies in the digital health space.

The current SafeTherapeutics Platform includes a product for professionals as well as a mobile app for patients and public. Both products have evolved with input from physicians, nurses, physician assistants and patient focus groups. The Safe Therapeutics platform was developed with simplicity and ease of use in mind to address a major healthcare problem. This included identifying, extracting and curating massive amounts of information, associating symptoms and medical problems with medications, and keeping the platforms current with the goal of allowing healthcare providers and patients to focus on patient care and maintaining health.

How We Define SafeTherapeutics, What We Do, and Why

We enable the safe use of effective therapeutics, an ideal state of a critical element of Medicine. The end result has tangible value for patients, practitioners, and healthcare systems. Wide dissemination, we believe, will provide a sustainable positive impact for the entire healthcare industry.

What Key Global Health Issue We Address

Drug induced complications and illnesses (eg. adverse drug reactions).

What We Seek To Accomplish

To become the global healthcare data standard to substantially reduce adverse drug reactions. Implementation will improve diagnostic performance, enhance health outcomes, and reduce the cost of delivering those outcomes, as well as support evidence-based healthcare delivery approaches.

How We Address The Problem with Current State of Affairs

We capture and codify the vast amounts of publicly available, critical, unstructured content on drug complications. That content currently either sits idle or is considerably underutilized, due to the non-uniformity of data format or exploration, lack of integration, and general usability deficiencies.

Searches of that content are currently difficult at best. Without ready access to this content, the healthcare provider has limited understanding of the role of the expanding universe of drug-induced complications and illnesses.

What Consequences We Can Avoid (i.e. Identifying the Opportunity)

Significant, costly yet preventable, deleterious impacts on the well-being of each patient receiving prescription drugs, as well as on the global health burden.

What Solution We Offer

The SafeTherapeutics Intelligence Platform navigates the codified content in our clinician designed database to provide impactful, current intelligence (with level of evidence ranking) on adverse drug reactions to guide clinical decision making.

What Immediate Value We Create

Timely, actionable analysis of potential adverse drug reactions facilitates quality healthcare practice and enhanced patient outcomes, as it reduces waste of precious human and institutional resources. We provide immediate ROI and positive impact at a fraction of the cost of other value-based initiatives.

What Cascading Value We Provide for Healthcare Constituents

Clinician feedback and network data provide real world evidence for required post-marketing surveillance, potential new identification of adverse drug reactions for pharmacies and pharmaceutical industry. Use of the platform is an easy way to monitor provider and system performance in this regard. Improved performance can be used to reduce medico-legal and insurance costs.

Why We Are Different

Identifying, Developing, and Focusing our Core Capabilities
Competitive Differentiation

  • Consisting of world-renowned expert partners and management team with full grasp on the healthcare issue at hand as well as the associated business, technical, and information environment; possessing organizational agility to partner with evidence-based healthcare delivery frameworks and approaches
  • Capturing first-mover advantage by building our continually maintained, proprietary repository of multiple-drug use and known/new adverse drug reactions associations
    (e.g. support marketing intelligence efforts of drug companies such as converting the patient to own drug & patient safety and quality improvement via data automation of collect, analyze, interpret, and act)
  • Meeting the ease-of-use and rapid response requirements of the clinical setting through an impactful, patented, up-to-date intelligence platform that curates massive unstructured content from disparate data sources; providing rapid search & smart analysis and discovery capability by any dimension of drugs, problems, or associations
  • Using advanced algorithms (both on public and proprietary databases) for data extraction & transformation as well as data enrichment capabilities (created by world-class physicians, medical researchers, researchers, library scientists)
  • Integrating to Electronic Medical Record (embedded into HIS) having de-identifying patient information and medical history to enable running rapid drug complication searches in a clinical setting based on current drug use available inside the system