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Evidence-Based Healthcare Delivery

SafeTherapeutics fully supports evidence-based approaches and initiatives that track dimensional outcome measures.

The utilization of drug complications and safety content improves outcome measures across time, cost, and quality dimensions. It also provides the capability for healthcare systems to track various dimensional outcome measures by patient, provider, system, and so forth.

Drug Safety: We zero in on substantially reducing adverse drug reactions.

Diagnostic Excellence: We greatly contribute to improving the diagnostic process through early identification of adverse drug reactions.

Patient Safety & Quality Improvement: Not only do we help reduce the cost of medical errors or quality that impacts patient safety, but we enable flagging the actual adverse drug reactions for furthering quality improvement initiatives.

Patient-Centric Care & Value-Based Healthcare Delivery: We improve actual patient (health) outcomes achieved while considerably reducing the cost of delivery at the same time. We support the three-tiered outcome measures hierarchy; health/recovery status, process of recovery, and sustainability of health.