SafeTherapeutics addresses a key global health issue – drug induced complications and illnesses – and delivers tangible value for patients, practitioners, and systems.

Why did we create SafeTherapeutics?

Healthcare providers encounter patients daily with drug-induced complications and illnesses, which are commonly missed, and actions are taken based on misdiagnosis.

The SafeTherapeutics Intelligence Platform attacks this growing crisis by instantly informing healthcare providers through symptom-centric searches of our most up-to-date proprietary database developed from publicly available data sources.

Every day patients go to doctors and other healthcare professionals, offices or clinics with drug related problems and these problems are commonly missed and patients are misdiagnosed. This frequently leads to further additional and / or worsening of the presenting troubles. Physicians and other healthcare providers are just not taught to consider drug induced complications high up in the differential. In order to attack this growing significant crisis, we developed SafeTherapeutics to instantly inform doctors and other healthcare providers, using up-to-date information from publicly available data sources, to improve awareness. Searches and results are targeted and patient centric. Using this product will improve diagnostic acumen, reduce unneeded testing, enhance patient care, and avoid unneeded tests and interventions when the patient problem is due to an adverse drug reaction (ADR).

The SafeTherapeutics Intelligence Platform Addresses Adverse Drug Reactions

The Platform provides value at many levels: Healthcare practitioners are continuously educated and prompted to recognize complications with every use and interaction.

Recognizing these potential issues for each patient enhances diagnostic skills, reduces unneeded evaluations and treatments, and improves patient outcomes.

Compared to the cost of journals, conferences, patient management when adverse reactions are unrecognized, loss of practitioner and healthcare group or network reputation, and medical legal cases, the price per provider to use the Platform is nominal.

Integration of the SafeTherapeutics Intelligence Platform will considerably improve the performance of clinicians and healthcare network.