SafeTherapeutics Helps Patients in Family to Navigate Medication Side Effects

Family Centered Care To Prevent Adverse Drug Reaction

Family members often help parents and older relatives with healthcare issues

Providing care to friends or family members who take multiple medications can be a daunting task. SafeTherapeutics can help by easily and quickly identifying potential associations  between medications and their side effects, known as Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs).

We all know someone or have first-hand knowledge of a deteriorating parent or relative that could have passed prematurely as no one considered the downhill course could have been due to some of the many medications. A rational approach using real scientific data, which SafeTherapeutics provides, could identify the possible inciting drug and allow the healthcare provider and patient options to address.

Families assisting relatives on multiple medications need to be aware of the higher risk of ADRs in these individuals. Early identification of ADRs should reduce unnecessary tests and medications, expenses and co-payments by identifying and managing ADRs early.

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